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Food on a stick is on a roll.

Open up your own carnival stand with this unique waffle maker. Fill waffles and crepes with ham, cheese, chocolate, or whatever; then put it on a stick!

This device is billed as a Waffle Dogger/Crepe On A Stick Maker, but I think that might be a little shortsighted. All food tastes better when it's served on a stick; it's a well-known fact.

Waffle Dogger/Crepe On A Stick Maker Cecilware

How an appliance like this doesn't have a name such as the "Stick-o-Later," or even the "Tastee-Stick" is beyond me. Instead, the manufacturer, Cecilware, includes this model in its waffle-maker line as the rather vague sounding WD-120. One thing for certain, though, is that whatever the name, this high-class iron would be put through the paces in my household.

Perhaps it is people like me and my unholy attraction with food on a stick that caused the manufacturer to brand this as a waffle maker in the first place. Anything else might simply be "not recommended by the manufacturer." But I still would try. Taking clues from the Minnesota State Fair, one of the first things I would try would be spaghetti-on-a-stick. After that, who knows? The bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloin on a stick looks good. It looks real good, in fact.

Cecilware is not completely in the dark as to the possibilities this machine represents. The instruction manual does include a crepe recipe along with several suggestions for filling them. Suggestions for "crepitos" include chocolate, sausage, or ham and cheese. Obviously the makers at Cecilware do appreciate food on a stick, even if the model number sounds like it may be more useful as a lubricant for the Tilt-a-Whirl.