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Fold-down grill transforms the backyard

The Sigmafocus fold-up barbecue grill is a compact innovative design that mounts directly to the wall.

Now you see it, now you don't.
Focus Fireplaces

A good backyard grilling session can be exhilarating in the sense that when surrounded by good food, good times, and good weather, it's as if one is transported somewhere else. However, unlike a vacation in some far away land, at home we are surrounded by friends and family, completing the experience to a degree unattainable anywhere else. To complete this journey, all that is needed is some charcoal, a few select food items, and of course, a grill.

With a resemblance to a ship porthole when not in use, the Sigmafocus is a folding wall-mounted charcoal grill that transforms the backyard when put to use. With a large, circular plate designed both to hold the grill in place as well as to protect the wall from smoke and heat damage, the compact grill frees up available space with an attractive design both when in use, and when not. Several grill accessories are included, designed especially for the grill. To clean, the ash bowl even folds down for easy emptying.

The grill is created by Focus Fireplaces, a longstanding grill maker of innovative design; the distinctive Sigmafocus is an impressive entry into the catalog. It doesn't take much to create a fun environment in the backyard, and with a space-saving and modern approach to the grill, the company allows owners the luxury of distraction without ever leaving home.

(Via Unclutterer)