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Flip for this grill and griddle

The Wolfgang Puck 1,800-watt reversible grill and griddle has convenient features that is perfect for any meal of the day. The kitchen appliance is well-suited for making breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One side for grilling, the other for griddling.
One side for grilling, the other for griddling.

There is no doubt some appliances try a little harder than others. While having kitchen gear that does one thing really well is always appreciated, having that same piece of equipment do double duty is always worth so much more. Considering that counterpace is always in demand, versatile kitchen appliances will always be popular--and if said appliance can also make bacon, then all the better.

The $90 Wolfgang Puck 1,800-watt reversible grill and griddle is versatile enough to be used morning, noon, or night. The 1,800-watt device has a reversible cooking plate; one side comes ribbed for ever-popular indoor grilling, and the other is flat, perfect for making pancakes, eggs, and bacon. With about 185-square-inches of cooking space (17.625 inches by 10.5 inches), the countertop appliance provides plenty of room no matter what's on the menu.

Convenience is always important in the kitchen, and this overachieving appliance incorporates some important features. Both the cooking plate and the base are dishwasher safe, as you can easily remove the temperature control dial. Cleaning-friendly features continue with the inclusion of a detachable splashguard that folds for easy storage when not in use. A removable drip tray is also included--certainly a convenient feature considering how much bacon this griddle could see.