Five-deal Friday. That's right: Five!

Here's a sneak peek: an Xbox 360 bundle, a dirt-cheap monitor, another dirt-cheap monitor, and a 4GB microSD card for five bucks. Oh, and one more...

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Rick Broida
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While supplies last, this Xbox 360 Elite bundle is just $179.99.
While supplies last, this Xbox 360 Elite bundle is just $179.99. Microsoft

It's Friday. I'm on no sleep. Got a crazy-busy weekend coming up. My to-do list is as long as my arm. Computers and electronics are failing all around me. (Two desktops in two weeks, one Xbox 360, and one Novatel Wireless aircard, plus my Comcast Internet keeps flaking out at random intervals. Shall I go on?)

What does all this rambling incoherence (or is it incoherent rambling?) have to do with today's post? For some reason it seemed easier to write briefly about five deals than to write at length about one. I may regret that decision; meet me six paragraphs down and I'll let you know.

1. Today only, Cowboom (masters of selling out before noon) has a new Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle for $179.99 shipped. This isn't the newer Slim model, but it's a sweet bundle nonetheless: 120GB hard drive, HDMI port and cable, headset, and two mighty fine games (LEGO Batman and Pure).

2. Looking for a new and/or second monitor? TigerDirect has the Acer P215H Bbd 21.5-inch LCD for $109.99. That's after applying coupon code PHT30943 at checkout. Nice basic monitor with DVI and VGA inputs, plus a generous three-year warranty from Acer.

Get this 25-inch debranded-HP monitor for just $179.99.
Get this 25-inch debranded-HP monitor for just $179.99. Moofi

3. Looking for a bigger new and/or second monitor? Today only, Moofi has a refurbished 25-inch LCD monitor for $179.99, plus $5 for shipping. This "famous maker" model is actually a debranded HP with built-in speakers and DVI/HDMI inputs. Warranty: 90 days via Woot.

4. I recently reviewed the Kodak Easyshare Touch camera, and loved it. However, it's one of the first I've seen to use microSD cards (granted, I don't review a lot of cameras) instead of the more common SD. Fortunately, the media's cheap: Newegg has a 4GB Kingston micro SDHC card for $5.49 shipped--including an SD adapter! It's a Class 4 card, so should be reasonably fast.

5. I love digital photo frames. Here's a refurbished Kodak P730 7-inch digital photo frame for $29.99 shipped. It stores up to 4,000 photos and comes in an attractive, living room-friendly wood frame. Warranty: 90 days.

Well, there you go. Hope you found something you liked. Me, I'm going to go dunk my head in a cup of coffee. Or plop it on a pillow. For what it's worth, writing up five deals was way more work than writing up one. Don't know what I was thinking.