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First Google Glass wearers to be invited over next few days

The first Google Glass high-tech specs are about to start appearing on competition-winning faces around the world.

The first Google Glass high-tech specs are about to start appearing on competition-winning faces. In an official blog post, the big G reveals that lucky Glassees will be invited to get involved "over the next few days".

Google isn't just selling Glass as a thing you can buy. Instead, you're enrolled into an exclusive club, known as the Explorer Program, in which you're encouraged to test the limits of the voice-controlled, camera-packing, Web-connected facial furniture.

To get your hands on Glass, prospective wearers were encouraged to enter a competition highlighting what you'd do with Google Glass -- presumably beyond walking round looking like a bit of a plank. Entries included all sorts of suggestions to make use of the built-in camera, from medicine to extreme sports.

Later, Glass will go on sale as normal for around £1,000. 

Also on the wearable technology front, Google is reported to be working on an Android smart watch. Smart watches are set to be the next thing after rumours began to swirl that Apple is working on a so-called iWatch.

High-tech spectacles may still prove to be the big wearable tech hit: other manufacturers including Microsoft are working on their own digital glasses.

But Glass is not universally popular. Privacy campaigners are up in arms about the ramifications of the device. A Seattle bar has already seized the PR opportunity to be the first to ban Glass, and it's also set to be banned while driving in the state of West Virginia.

I came face-to-face with Google Glass at a recent trade show, where I bumped into a Google employee bedecked with specs -- and found the light on the front to be a bit creepy, although from a privacy standpoint it leaves you in no doubt you're being filmed.

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