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Fast Food Cutlery makes eating on the go easy and fun

Hate plastic knives and forks? I know I do. With Finger Food Cutlery it is OK to eat with your fingers.

Fast Food Cutlery: pinch away!

I've been eating a fair amount of food on the go this week. Not fast food, mind you, catered food--like food-in-a-box type food: little lunches supplied in clear little boxes (something akin to what might be served on an airplane flight), complete with plastic knife and fork. Or rather, I should say, complete with barely effective plastic knife and fork.

I've always hated disposable cutlery. The knife doesn't cut and the fork doesn't do whatever it is that a fork is supposed to do. It's only through intense trial and error that I am ever able to balance wayward pieces of chicken caesar salad steady enough to make it from plate (err, tray) to mouth.

Of course, I could pack a real knife and fork from home, but just ain't gonna happen. Besides, why would I want to do that and deprive myself the fun of getting to eat with my hands? Socially acceptable or not, that is always how I want to end up eating my meals on the go.

Perhaps I won't have to wait too long for a solution to this epic problem. I've found a design that may just be what I am looking for. "Fast Food Cutlery" would be perfect for grabbing that meal on the go. By using a pinching approach, the eater would not have to be concerned with wrestling with a knife. Simply raise to mouth, tear into food, and enjoy.