Enter for your chance to win* the Cheapskate 10th-Anniversary Mega Giveaway!

YOU get a prize! And YOU get a prize! And 23 MORE of you get a prize! You think I'm using "Mega" lightly?!

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Rick Broida
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Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you humbled, grateful and thoroughly excited.

This month marks 10 years since I agreed to be called The Cheapskate in public -- and I've never regretted that decision for one second. Quite the opposite: It's been my single favorite job ever (to say nothing of the longest).

To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to give back -- in a big way. Together with CNET superheroes Jon Chaikin and Tania Gonzalez (who you can also thank for many of the other great giveaways I've done here), I've put together a roundup of 25 cool prizes for this, the Cheapskate 10th-Anniversary Mega Giveaway. 😍

Watch this: CNET's Cheapskate 10th-Anniversary Mega Giveaway!

What you can win

So. Many. Prizes. My endless thanks to all the vendors who contributed to this collection; you can thank them as well by showing them your support. In no particular order, here's what you have the chance to win. (Except where noted, prizes came from their respective manufacturer.)

  • A Fluance Fi70 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System (ARV $500)
  • An Ecovacs Deebot M82 robot vacuum, courtesy of Wellbots (ARV $245)
  • Massdrop x AKG K7XX Audiophile Headphones (ARV $200)
  • A Samsung Galaxy S8, courtesy of Daily Steals (ARV $639)
  • Three of my favorite drones of 2017: The Visuo XS809W, TechBoy TB-802 and Skytech TK110HW, all courtesy of TomTop (ARV $37, $20, and $50)
  • Three lifetime subscriptions to PlayOn Desktop, each with 100 PlayOn Cloud credits (ARV $270)
  • A Huawei Elegant Smartwatch 44mm, courtesy of TechRabbit (ARV $280)
  • A one-year subscription to DailyBurn, courtesy of StackSocial (ARV $180)
  • A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and one year of mobile service, courtesy of TextNow (ARV $499 and $168)
  • A Yamaha YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X, courtesy of Adorama (ARV $300)
  • Five CBS All Access gift cards (so you can watch "Star Trek: Discovery"!) (ARV $50 each)
  • A Vantrue OnDash X2 dashcam (ARV $150)
  • A RavPower RP-PB07 10400mAh Powerbank (ARV $66)
  • A Koogeek Smart Socket (ARV $30)
  • A DBPower 4K action camera (ARV $45)
  • A RavPower FileHub (ARV $40)
  • A Yunmai Color Smart Scale (ARV $50)

Seriously: thank you, vendors. This is an amazing giveaway, and I know Cheapskate readers will love each and every one of these prizes.

How you can win

Okay, on to business! To enter, just complete the form below with your name and email address. You've got until 11:59 p.m. PT on Nov. 19, 2017. Take note that entering will automatically register you as a CNET user (if you're not one already) and subscribe you to the excellent CNET Insider, How-To and Smart Home and Appliances newsletters. (Hey, I know a guy who writes for How-To!)

Optional but appreciated: Hit the comments section and tell me your all-time favorite deal! (Feel free to tell me what kinds of deals you'd like to see in the future, too.)

A note of thanks

Ask anybody who writes for a living: Blogging rule #1 is you never read the comments, because "people on the Internet are awful." Maybe elsewhere, but not here; Cheapskate readers tend to be helpful, insightful and just plain kind. I'm so grateful for all the nice feedback I've received over the years; it means a lot. I've actually had bad days rescued because someone took the time to send a note of thanks.

So thank you, dear readers, for being so awesome. Thanks for sticking around all these years, and thanks in advance for joining me for the next 10 years of great deals. If you w ant 'em, I'll keep 'em coming. 

I'm also incredibly grateful to CNET for keeping me around all these years. Thank you, editors, for fixing my seemingly endless mistakes, and thank you, boss people, for giving me the free reign to craft this blog in my own particular idiom. (And for the money. 😜) Let's keep this beautiful music going for another 10 years, whattaya say?

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