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Energy Star appliances have the power to satisfy

If you're in the market for new appliances, in addition to checking out Consumer Reports, you might want to consider the appliances that just plain make their owners happier.

A Samsung front-loading washing machine.
Samsung satisfies you. Samsung

You're more likely to be happy with your appliances if they're energy efficient, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Laundry and Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Studies. And if you think everything around you looks greener, you're not wrong--the study also found that consumers are much more aware of appliance energy ratings that they were just two years ago. Just less than 90 percent of consumers who bought a new dishwasher in 2010 made a point of getting an Energy Star-rated appliance.

According to the study, Miele dishwasher owners are the most satisfied. This was based on performance and reliability (including how well the appliance functions and its noise level and energy efficiency); features (such as the number of settings available and appliance capacity); ease of use; styling and feel; price; and warranty, Samsung ranks highest in satisfying refrigerator owners--for the sixth year in a row, and Wolf leads the pack (sorry) of manufacturers of cooktops, ranges, and ovens.

In the market for a new clothes washer and/or dryer? Samsung machines win out in both categories, for the second and third year in a row, respectively, based on ease of use; features (such as the number of settings available and appliance capacity); performance and reliability (including energy efficiency, noise level and how well the appliance functions); styling and feel; warranty; and price. What's your take on the winners?