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Elevate your audio: Blue Yeti X microphone is $140 today (save $60)

The World of Warcraft-edition Blue Yeti X is $60 off (and $30 cheaper than the standard edition).


Blue Yeti microphones have been a staple accessory for podcasters and streamers for a long time, and even if you're just looking for a better mic for online classes or Zoom meetings, investing in one will take your audio to the next level. The Yeti X is a newer, upgraded version of the original Blue Yeti and, right now, you can pick up the World of Warcraft-edition Yeti X for $140 -- that's $60 off its $200 list price and $30 cheaper than the standard Yeti X. 

Despite what it might sound like, the World of Warcraft-edition Yeti X isn't covered in orcs and draenei; its design is much more subtle, with gold accents and a matte gray finish. The base has laser-etched LED Warcraft runes and the game's logo is visible from the back, but really, when it's facing forward, this microphone doesn't scream "GAMER," if WoW isn't something you're into (but if it is, you'll appreciate the various WoW-inspired audio settings). 

Aside from its custom Warcraft design, this is the same Blue Yeti X microphone that's been a longstanding favorite for creators, delivering great audio with four different modes for versatility, including cardioid and bidirectional. It has an 11-segment LED meter that can quickly let you know if your voice levels are too high or too low, and you can customize the lighting if you're streaming and want a certain aesthetic. You get access to Blue Voice software as well, which opens up a wide range of audio customization and voice effects to help you get the exact sound you're looking for. 

Considering the standard Yeti X is still full price at $170 and the WoW edition usually goes for $200, snagging it for just $140 (a new low for Amazon) is worth it for the superb build quality and audio.