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Elegoo Has Launched a Glorious 3D Printer That's 1 Meter Tall

The OrangeStorm Giga is a massive 3D printer for people who need something enormous, and it launches on Kickstarter today.

James Bricknell Senior Editor
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James Bricknell
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GigaStorm Orange 3d printer next to a woman at a desk

Note: Normally, I'd tackle this kind of announcement with studied journalistic stoicism, but this new product from Elegoo is just too much fun for me to do that.

Today, Nov. 4, 2023, Elegoo, maker of excellent, albeit normally quite tame, 3D printers, is launching a Kickstarter for a printer that is, frankly, outrageous. Dubbed the OrangeStorm Giga (the greatest Kaiju name ever), it's a printer with a build area of 800 by 800 by 1,000mm or 2.6 by 2.6 by 3.2 feet. Though Elegoo has said it'll be aimed at the commercial market, there are plenty of reasons for small businesses and even hobbyists to jump on this if they can.

The sheer size of the Giga is enticing. With an 800mm square plate, you could print a full-size chest piece for an Iron Man outfit in one go, or produce prototypes for any number of projects. With a 1-meter tall build space, you can make giant vases for your home or full-size busts and artwork for your walls.

8 models printing at the same time on a 3d printer

You can also add more print heads, to a max of four total, that can be used to print multiple models at the same time in various colors, making it a great way to mass-produce models for your small business. Those print heads can currently be used only to clone models, not make multiple color prints, and the standard model comes with only one head for now. 

The Giga has a max print speed of 300mm/s, though Elegoo recommends 150mm/s, which is plenty fast enough when printing objects as large as this could conceivably print. If you were using the multihead version, you'd be printing four models at 150mm/s, increasing your output by 400%

This Kaiju 3D printer also has a segmented heated bed -- parts of it can heat to different temperatures independently -- so you can save money and power by heating only the section you need. If you're printing smaller parts, you can print on one quadrant, and only that quadrant will heat.

The OrangeStorm Giga is available to back through Kickstarter as of Nov. 4, 2023, and though the retail price will be several thousand dollars, the earliest of early bird prices is $1,250, bringing it into the range of a small-business owner or even a hobbyist with money to spare. Remember, though, it is a Kickstarter, so it's not a sure thing.

I love it when companies move out of their comfort zones and swing for the fences. Elegoo makes solid, dependable, budget 3D printers that work well and are great for beginners. Now, though, it also makes Kaiju. I love it, and I'll be following along with interest.