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Electric kettle saves energy, money

Intelliboil by Morphy Richards uses fast boiling and three different temperatures to save energy and make better beverages

Morphy Richards

There are several ways for modern consumers to save energy. This Intelliboil kettle by Morphy Richards capitalizes on efficiency and versatility to save you time and money.

The kettle gives you the option of heating water to 85 degrees, 95 degrees, or 100 degrees Fahrenheit , which not only lets you customize the temperature to your tastes and to the type of drink you're making, but also saves unnecessary energy on overheated water. The kettle also heats up faster, meaning that less energy is wasted as dissipated heat.

The Intelliboil has a removable filter, so you can protect your drink from particles, and the internal light indicator turns brighter as your water gets warmer. You can read more about the kettle's features on the Morphy Richards Web site.