Eat your (pancake) heart out

Crate and Barrel releases Valentine's Day gadgets to help you cook the perfect treat for your significant other.

Daren Darrow

Heart in heart pancake mold
The heart in heart pancake mold brings love to the breakfast table. Create and Barrel

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Crate and Barrel has released a slew of gadgets to help you give your sweetie something delicious.

You can give your significant other a stack of perfectly shaped heart pancakes. You can create two sizes of hearts at once, or leave the middle of the pancake open to hold fruit or other treats.

If you want a fancier design, you can buy the scalloped heart mold. Both are nonstick and have handles to help keep your fingers safe. However, they are not dishwasher safe. Bummer; I guess that's more work for someone on Valentine's Day.

Scalloped heart pancake mold
A scalloped heart pancake mold is kind of fancy, right? Crate and Barrel

Valentine's Day cupcake stencils
Valentine's Day cupcake stencils are great for an afternoon delight. Get it? Crate and Barrel

If you're not a morning person--or just won't wake up to make pancakes--you could bake some cupcakes for your sweetie. Crate and Barrel followed up its holiday cupcake stencils with a Valentine's version. The stencils help you create flawless decorations on your baked treats. They're $4.95 for a set of six 4-inch stencils.