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Easy to see this pepper mill

The Cole & Mason Buzz Revolution Salt or Pepper Mill has a feature not often seen in automatic mills.

Shine a light on salt and pepper.
Bed Bath & Beyond

Salt and pepper are both indispensable spices. They sit by our side at practically every meal. Some people use a little, some people use a lot. Having the power over your own seasoning practically guarantees an enjoyable meal. From course to fine, the grind of our favorite spices makes all the difference in the world. Giving up on pre-filled containers of already ground pepper is probably the easiest way to increase your taste enjoyment.

The Cole & Mason Buzz Revolution Salt or Pepper Mill makes it easy to enjoy your favorite spices at their best. Fully adjustable from a fine to course grind, the mill uses a diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism for precision grinding. With an automatic start that is engaged simply by turning it over, the mill offers easy one-handed operability. While the ability to free one hand while preparing meals is certainly a good thing, there is a hidden feature in this mill that shines a light on your cooking.

When flipped over and set in motion, a light turns on in the mill. While you may not want to go replacing your flashlights just yet, the feature is sure to come in handy. Although salt and pepper may be the ubiquitous spices of choice, there is no faster way to ruin a meal than by pouring too much salt over it. Being able to see how much you're grinding can only be a good thing.