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Easy brewing one cup at a time

The Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System offers ease of use along with total control over hot beverage preferences.

Brew how you want to.
Bed Bath & Beyond

Sometimes to be a good host you just have to let people serve themselves. Though everything from salad bars to buffet stations employ this concept, when it comes to beverages the idea can be put into action beyond just cheap all you can eat restaurants. Perfect for small offices, or even for home use, single serve brewing systems allow for individuals to brew the exact beverage they desire.

With a wide assortment of available K-Cups, the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System combines convenience with variety. By including an adjustable temperature control and a choice of five cup sizes, the brewing machine offers further customization over desired beverages. The fully programmable brewer not only uses prefilled K-Cups, but also ships with a reusable K-Cup coffee filter for ground coffee. Additionally, there is a hot water button providing on-demand water for tea, soup, or cocoa (or even instant coffee).

Decked out with a blue backlit LCD display and a stylish and modern design, the appliance fits in with any decor. As if it were an individualized appliance built for everyone in the home or office, the brewing system makes it easy for anyone to enjoy freshly brewed beverages at the press of a button.