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EarTrumpet is the only volume control app you need in Windows 10

Quick, simple control of all your audio devices from the taskbar.

Matt Elliott/CNET

A joint project among former Microsoft engineers Dave Amenta, Rafael Rivera and David Golden, EarTrumpet is a volume control app with an exceptionally clean and friendly UI. It makes navigating your various audio devices on a Windows 10 machine much simpler.

In the space of only a couple of clicks, EarTrumpet allows you to manage default audio devices and change the volume on individual apps. One of the real benefits is that it provides a quick option to mute web browsers, should something start playing in the background and ruin your Spotify sing-a-long.

The app was originally released in 2015, but on Wednesday, EarTrumpet 2.0 hit the Microsoft Store, bringing a couple of UI changes, such as the ability to use a scroll wheel to change volumes. The most notable of those are new keyboard shortcuts and the ability to move apps between your different audio devices.

eartrumpet 2.0

The clean UI and expansive features in EarTrumpet puts Windows 10 default volume controls to shame.

Jackson Ryan / CNET

My advice? Replace the default volume control app that comes standard in Windows 10. When EarTrumpet is installed, it places an identical volume controller in the taskbar with a greater range of features.

There's no point having two, right?

You can turn the default controls off by right-clicking on the taskbar, head to "Taskbar settings" and then scroll down to "turn system icons on or off", you can switch the default volume control off.

If you want to upgrade your audio controls, you can grab EarTrumpet 2.0 here. You'll need to have installed the Windows 10 April 2018 Update to take full advantage, though.

The source code is also available on GitHub, if you're into that kind of thing.

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