Dyson levels up in the U.S. with two new '2 Tier Radial' vacuums

The Dyson DC47 and the Dyson DC50 are the two newest high performance vacuums offered by the company. Internal refinements and a second tier combine to create better airflow.

Brian Krepshaw
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Brian Krepshaw
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The Dyson DC47 Animal canister vacuum weighs just 13.84 pounds.
The Dyson DC47 Animal canister vacuum weighs just 13.84 pounds. Dyson

The inside of a vacuum cleaner is no place to be. Luckily, most of us will never have to endure such a place. The detritus we create in daily living, however, is another story. Not only do we want dust, dirt, and pet hair to be subjected to the internal whirlwind of a vacuum cleaner, we want it to stay there. At least until it's time to empty the bin.

The Dyson DC50 Animal compact upright vacuum weighs 11.6 pounds.
The Dyson DC50 Animal compact upright vacuum weighs 11.6 pounds. Dyson

Emptying the bin may be the last step in the journey for particulate matter, but other side of the story is just beginning. The bagless technology that Dyson uses in its vacuum cleaners not only allows for simple disposal, but it also creates better suction by providing a constant, unimpeded airflow. Instead of being greeted with diminishing returns, users are given the opportunity to clean with no loss of suction power. And now, two new models offer refinements improving that efficiency.

As James Dyson puts it on the site, "2 Tier Radial cyclones are the latest development of our patented cyclone technology. By making the cyclones smaller, the air travels faster meaning we can extract more microscopic dust from the air."

The new Dyson DC47 Animal and DC50 Animal vacuums both feature the new "2 Tier Radial" cyclones. Additionally, the two new vacuum cleaners are both built around Dyson's ball technology, which allows for increased mobility while housing crucial components, including the motor.

Both units feature the new carbon fiber brush bar (previously only available on their handheld vacuums) that combines nylon bristles and antistatic carbon fiber filaments for efficient vacuuming of carpets and hardwood floors.

Both vacuums feature trigger-bin emptying systems, so when the time comes and the cleaning is done, cleaning up after the cleaning is as easy as pushing a button.

The DC47 Animal and the DC50 Animal are available in the United States starting today for $449 and $499, respectively.