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Drink up with reusable hemp tea bags

Reusable tea bags let you indulge without waste.

Cheers! Amazon

When you start looking for ways to conserve and cut down on waste, you can find them in almost every corner. Take tea bags, for example. Even if you've mastered the "reuse it before you toss it" trick, you're still throwing away every tea bag you use.

Now, you could toss the tea bags in your compost crock, but if you're using bags with staples in them, you've got to remove the staples first. And not all bags are made from compostable material. And that string, and the plastic coating on the paper tag--there's a lot to consider.

Loose tea leaves are automatically a step up from bagged tea. You immediately set yourself apart from the crowd as a tea connoisseur, and you just know you're cooler than, like, 95 percent of the people you know. And if you serve your loose tea leaves in a reusable hemp tea bag, you skyrocket to entirely new levels of in the know.

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers available, and it's grown without pesticides. And no, it's not illegal, and it won't get you high.

Granted, at $8 a pop, these bags aren't cheap. But how many do you need? You can brew a pot of tea using just two or three, and then pour out cups for everyone at the table. So enjoy your cup of tea, dump your grounds out in the soil around your plants, and know you're doing something good for the world.