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Dress Up Your MacBook Pro Like a Fancy Leather-Bound Book

The Pad & Quill Leather Copertina Case is a stick-on folio case, a laptop stand and a handsome addition to your bookshelf.

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Dan Ackerman/CNET

High-end laptops call for high-end accessories. At least that's how I justified attaching this Leather Copertina Case from Pad & Quill to my 16-inch MacBook Pro. This is more than the usual soft laptop sleeve or clip-on plastic cover. Instead, it's a sturdy hardback leather folio cover that attaches to the outer shell of the laptop. It's hefty, looks great, is made of full-grain leather with wool padding on the inside... and it costs $189 (which converts to roughly £160 or AU$290).

Yes, that's a lot to ask for a laptop case, and it frankly makes the MacBook Pro bulkier, heavier and harder to handle in some instances. But, it's also highly protective, looks fantastic and gets the conversation going at any meeting I show up to with it. 

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Dan Ackerman/CNET

The case looks a bit like a book cover. The entire case lies flat during setup, with adhesive strips on the bottom panel that attach to the bottom of the MacBook. They're not permanent, but you'd need to clean off any residue and replace the 3M-style strips to remove or reposition it. 

It took me a few minutes to figure out whether the adhesive panel was supposed to attach to the bottom or other top. The packaging wasn't much help, but it eventually made sense. 


These adhesive strips attech to the bottom panel of the MacBook. 

Dan Ackerman/CNET

When the clamshell laptop is open, the top panel of the case falls flat against the table behind the laptop screen by default. You can also fold it back 360 degrees, like a hybrid laptop, turning the entire case into a tilted stand that both lifts and angles the laptop. 

Dan Ackerman/CNET

When closed, it makes the MacBook look like a leather-bound book, and I naturally slotted it onto my giant bookcase. 

I wouldn't use this case on a MacBook that I carry around on my daily commute -- it just adds too much bulk. At home, it's a great way to keep your laptop protected, and when you're done working, just close the case and slide the entire thing onto your bookshelf for a seamless look. 


Right now, I've got it on my in-office 16-inch MacBook Pro. At first, it was intended as a quick hands-on trial, but I've left it on for weeks now, with no regrets. 

If the added bulk on a 16-inch MacBook Pro is too much to handle, Pad & Quill also makes a version for the 14-inch MacBook Pro and a non-leather version for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. 

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