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Download DRM-free Police album 'Synchronicity' for $1.99 (today only)

AmazonMP3's new MP3 Daily Deal offers some very worthwhile albums at seriously discounted prices.


I've gushed before about AmazonMP3, the online music store that sells DRM-free MP3s at reasonable prices. Head there today and you can get The Police's Synchronicity--not just the song, but the complete album--for only $1.99. Head there tomorrow and you'll find another album on sale for around the same price. Wowza.

This "MP3 Daily Deal" is a new thing at AmazonMP3. Lest you think it's a clearinghouse for crummy albums no one wants, I give you Exhibit A: Synchronicity (arguably The Police's best album). Exhibit B: Coldplay's Parachutes (one of last week's deals). Exhibit C: The Shins' Wincing the Night Away (which was $3.99, still a killer deal).

Prices notwithstanding, the big draw of AmazonMP3 is right in the name: MP3. No DRM-soiled AAC or WMA files here--just universally compatible MP3s. If you're an iPod user, the AmazonMP3 download client can automatically add new purchases to your iTunes library, ready for syncing. Which begs the question: Is anyone still buying music from iTunes? Unless you can give me a good reason why, I may have to kick you out of the Cheapskate club. (Oh, who am I kidding... I would never kick anyone out of a club that would have me as a member.)

It's too bad AmazonMP3 doesn't have an RSS feed for the MP3 Daily Deal (meaning you have to visit the site every day to see what's on sale), but there is a Twitter feed. (Look, Twitter is finally useful for something!)