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Double-decker barbecue cone

The Bodum Fyrkat Cone charcoal grill offers two levels of grilling space.

Grill upstairs or downstairs.
Grill upstairs or downstairs.

There is never enough room on the grill. Naturally, the easiest way to solve this issue is to purchase a bigger grill. That doesn't always work out though, considering that sometimes space limitations trump having room for that extra burger or hot dog. As mankind has so often decided to do in these situations, often the best course of action is to look up for expanding. Even if only by a few inches.

The Bodum Fyrkat Cone is a charcoal grill with a distinctive design. Wider at the top than at the bottom, the conical construction of the grill opens up some fun cooking possibilities when in use. Featuring double-decker grill grates, the grill can be used in innovative ways. The bi-level design encourages grillers to place food according to how well they want it cooked.

One might place steaks on the bottom level and fish upstairs on the top, but the grill takes things one step further with the inclusion of a battery-operated rotisserie. Even with the geometry of the grill making space for extra grilling, unfortunately there is a trade-off when using the rotisserie. Designed for use only with both grill grates removed, the limitations of space again come into play. But then, since doubling up is the name of the game, firing up a second grill isn't out of the question--or out of bounds, considering its size.