DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise adds modular accessories, enhanced security to a folding drone

It might have a camera, but it isn't for filmmakers.

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DJI added new tools to its prosumer camera drone for an Enterprise edition. 


DJI might be best known for its camera drones , but it also makes enterprise drones like the Matrice M200 made for dangerous jobs like search and rescue and bridge and power line inspection and other tasks like agriculture monitoring and land surveying. 

For the new Mavic 2 Enterprise, DJI marries the design, long-range data transmission and flight autonomy features of its popular prosumer Mavic 2 and adds an accessory mount, password protection for its onboard storage and other security and safety features. 

Available from authorized DJI Enterprise resellers starting at $1,999 (approximately AU$2,825, £1,560), the drone has a 12-megapixel camera with a 2x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom, stabilized by a three-axis gimbal. 

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Included are three plug-and-play accessories: A 2,400-lumen spotlight; a beacon that can be seen from up to 3 miles away; and a 100-decibel speaker can play up to 10 custom voice recordings made with your phone to help with crowd control, law enforcement and emergency response.  

The Enterprise edition records data -- photos, video, flight logs, etc. -- to 24GB of built-in storage instead of a removable microSD card used with the consumer version. The whole drone can be password protected, storage included, so only those with the password can fly it and access its data. GPS timestamping is available as well, which gives you a reliable data trail for photos and video. 

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Other security measures include a Local Data Mode that blocks the mobile device you're using for piloting from sending and receiving data and DJI's AirSense alert system, which uses an integrated receiver for picking up ADS-B signals from nearby airplanes and helicopters for real-time positioning warnings through the DJI Pilot mobile app.

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