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Dishes made with microwaving in mind

Microwave your meals without burning your fingers with the Cool Touch Micro Bowl.

The Cool Touch Micro Bowl
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When you put a plate or a bowl in the microwave, you don't just wind up with hot food. You also get a hot dish, which can make getting your food out of the microwave and into your stomach a bit more of a challenge. The Cool Touch Micro Bowl offers a solution that allows you to handle a hot bowl without problems. The Cool Touch Micro Bowl is actually a set of three pieces: a ceramic bowl, an outer plastic bowl, and a plastic lid. The plastic bowl not only lets you pick up your food straight out of the microwave, but it also has a unique handle that allows you to hold on to your bowl with just one hand. If you need to eat your soup on the go, you can. The lid also makes transporting a meal to work or elsewhere easy, without having to worry about what the microwave is doing to your Tupperware.

The Cool Touch Micro Bowl holds up to 17 ounces. The whole set is easy to clean up and doesn't stain when you microwave food in it, the way some plastic containers will. You can even use the outer bowl with some other ceramic bowls. The bowl is $14.98.