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Digital photo frame gets the message

Digital picture frame for the fridge sits in an erasable white board frame. Includes a calendar feature along with the ability to record messages.

Brian Krepshaw
Brian is the author of two culinary based books published via his imprint Storkburger Press. A lifelong Californian, he has been consistently exposed to some of the best food in the world. With a deep appreciation for the kitchen, he is always on the lookout for that perfect appliance that combines style and grace with the ever-popular ability to save time.
Brian Krepshaw
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More than just a digital photo frame. Audiovox

Those among the digerati tend to heap scorn and derision upon most digital picture frames because of their perceived lack of value. They would be mostly right to do so. When it comes down to it, they are just LCD screens surrounded by some polished wood with an inflated price tag.

The Audiovox Homebase hopes to change that perception. Masquerading as a digital picture frame, the Homebase is actually a message center, calendar, and timer all rolled up into one package. It can be attached to the fridge or placed upright in a table or counter. An erasable white board for leaving notes and messages surrounds the 7-inch screen. For those times when a more personal touch is needed, a microphone is incorporated for recording voice messages. Working in tandem with the calendar feature, messages can be left ahead of time, which can be useful for everything from reminders to birthday greetings.

Pictures on the fridge are great. In fact, that's probably where they are most viewed. As far as I'm concerned, no fridge decor is complete without a smattering of photos. However, as we shift to an all-digital lifestyle, there are simply less printed photos actually out there. As ridiculous as some frames may be, there is a need for them. This just might be the rare digital photo frame that both you and your parents could appreciate.

The Homebase has an internal memory of 1GB and accepts most common memory cards (SD, MMC, MS, xD, CF). Also accepts USB thumbdrives. An optional video recording unit is available, allowing for video messaging.