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Dial into this portable electric grill

The Outdoor Great Room Company Stainless Steel 20-Inch Electric Cook Number Grill offers an easy way for anyone to grill. Portable and electric, the flameless grill features a unique number system for consistent grilling.

Grill wherever there is an outlet.
Grill wherever there is an outlet.
The Outdoor Great Room Company

There are two ways to go when grilling: go all out and work up a sweat over every little detail, or keep it simple and take the no fuss, no muss approach. Both are equally valid. It is easy to get carried away when it comes to the grill. From secret rubs and marinades to unique preparation methods, outdoor grilling is one area of cooking where there is no end to elaborate systems. Sometimes however, having ultimate control is as easy as dialing in a number.

The Outdoor Great Room Company Stainless Steel 20-Inch Electric Cook Number Grill is a fun and easy way to grill that anyone can enjoy. Featuring a dual-burner system, the idea behind the grill is to place a steak on the sear plate to develop flavor (sealing juices in may be a myth, but browning for flavor certainly isn't) and then transfer it to the grill to finish. After inserting a temperature probe and turning the control dial to the desired level of doneness, one can sit back and relax while the steak cooks to their liking.

Because the grill is electric, it can be used anywhere there is an outlet. From boats, RVs, and apartment patios, the flameless grill further opens up the grilling experience for all. Weighing 36 pounds, and measuring 18 inches by 20 nches, the portable grill offers 250 square inches of cooking surface almost anywhere. With such a minimum of hassle required to grill, about the only hard decision to make is what to serve with your steak.