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Dell's Inspiron notebooks get smaller, lighter

New machines with dual-core processors ready for home entertainment, small businesses.

Dell on Tuesday filled out its notebook lineup with two new dual-core processor machines that emphasize entertainment options in a smaller package.

The Inspiron e1505 and Inspiron 6400 are the same machine, but home users will see the e1505 on their version of Dell's Web page, while small- and medium-size business customers will be steered toward the 6400. Dell recently combined the two business units, in part to shore up the performance of its U.S. consumer business, which has suffered in recent quarters.

As previously reported by CNET News.com, the e1505 notebook will become Dell's second product to use Intel's Core Duo processor. The dual-core chip, unveiled in January, improves the experience of users who are simultaneously running demanding applications, such as those that perform virus scanning and video decoding.

Dell chose to offer a 15.4-inch wide-screen display with the e1505, down from the 17-inch wide-screen display available with Dell's first Core Duo notebook, the e1705. This reduces the weight of the new notebook to 6.18 pounds, down from 7.16 pounds. Specifications for an Inspiron e1405 notebook were also revealed when a spreadsheet with Dell product information was accidentally leaked. That information would appear to indicate that a 14-inch wide screen or regular display model is forthcoming.

The notebooks start at $929 with the T1300 Core Solo processor, and are available with the T2300 Core Duo processor for $50 more. Detailed specifications are available on Dell's Web site.