Dell XPS M1530: Bigger can be sexier

Remember the super-sexy XPS M1330, aka "the world's thinnest laptop"? Dell has gone and made a slightly bigger, beefier version called the M1530

Rory Reid

Remember the super-sexy XPS M1330, aka "the world's thinnest laptop"? Sure you do. Dell has upped the ante, and made a slightly bigger version of it with beefed-up specs -- laydees ahnd gennerlmern, it's the Dell XPS M1530.

The upgrade from a 13-inch screen to a lovely 15-incher should make for a more comfortable user experience over long periods. There's good news on the graphics front too -- an optional Nvidia GeForce 8600 M GT graphics card. The M1330 makes do with a GeForce 8400M GS.

Unfortunately there's no LED backlight option -- just standard CCFL. The resolution stays the same too, at just 1,280x1,024 pixels.

You get a better selection of processors, though. Up to a Core 2 Duo T7700 2.4GHz is available, and you can pair it with 4GB of RAM. A 320GB hard drive, 64GB solid-state drive and Blu-ray optical drives are all available, so depending on your chosen spec, it'll cost you anywhere from £699 to around £2,500. It's available now -- in Tuxedo Black or Crimson Red (plenty of thought went into that second one, we can tell) -- from the Dell Web site.

Good looking and powerful? We're loving the sound of this. We'll bring you a full review in the very near future. -Rory Reid

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