Dell intros white XPS 15, new XPS Desktop and 32-inch curved 4K monitor

White and silver are your summer colors.

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The Dell XPS 15, available this summer in frosty white, formerly the sole domain of its 13-inch sibling.


If you always yearned for a white Dell XPS laptop but needed something bigger than 13 inches, now you're in luck: Dell has expanded its white scheme to the 2020 models of the XPS 15, as well as to the redesigned, smaller XPS Desktop. The company also launched new, sleeker-looking models of its mainstream S-series monitors, headlined by a 32-inch curved 4K model.

Getting the XPS 15 in "frost machined aluminum with arctic white woven glass palm rest" doesn't come free, though. It'll run you an extra $50 when it becomes available this summer.

The redesigned XPS Desktop -- shipping now, starting at $650 -- comes in black as well as white with its more compact 19-liter chassis. That translates into about 2 inches shaved off the depth, 0.4 inch off the width and 0.7 inch off the height to hit its 14.5 by 6.7 by 12.1-inch dimensions. 

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The new Dell XPS Desktop and S2719 monitor.


Inside, it basically offers the same graphics card options as the current XPS Desktop Special Edition, ranging from an Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 to an RTX 2070 Super, and the 10th-gen equivalents of the current ninth-gen Intel processors, starting with an i3-10100 up to an i9-10900K. 

Some of the higher-end models with RTX GPUs and preinstalled Nvidia Studio drivers will be designated "Creator Edition,"  as Dell started this year with some XPS 15 and 17 models, to make the not-necessarily-necessary upsell more alluring for nongamers. Sorry, I mean it's doing you a favor by highlighting which models you absolutely need for content creation by branding them thusly. (Dell's far from the first to do this; in fact it's one of the last to jump on a bandwagon that I wish would drive off a cliff.)


The new S series rear view.


Three S-series monitors are also a-comin' from Dell this August:

  • The S3221QS, a 32-inch curved 4K UHD display with dual 5-watt speakers. Before your inner gamer gets all excited, it's limited to 60Hz and the 4ms gray-to-gray pixel response is in extreme mode, which dims the display. It does have a couple of USB-A ports. It starts at $500.
  • The S2721QS, a 27-inch 4K UHD flat display with dual 3-watt speakers starting at $450.
  • The S2721DS, a 27-inch 2,560x1,440-pixel QHD monitor with dual 3-watt speakers and a 75Hz refresh rate, starting at $350.

They all have the same 99% sRGB color coverage.

On a welcome note, Dell's also expanding its program for exchanging any under-the-limited-warranty monitors with even a single bright pixel to the S series.

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Update, July 13: Updated the pixel response time for the S3221QS and sRGB gamut coverage with new specs from Dell.