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Decorate cupcakes without fancy tools

Create beautifully decorated cupcakes with a little icing, a few sprinkles and the Holiday Cupcake Stencils.

Holiday Cupcake Stencils Crate & Barrel

I love handing out perfectly decorated holiday treats, but when it comes to actually doing the decorating, I'm always looking for shortcuts. Going beyond simply icing cupcakes can be the hardest: we all want to make our cupcakes look like they belong in a magazine, but that takes so much work. There is one shortcut, though, and as long as you can put a basic layer of frosting on your cupcakes, you can make them look like you spent hours decorating. The Holiday Cupcake Stencils are an amazing shortcut: you simply hold them over your already-iced cupcake and shake out decorations. The stencil can perfectly place cocoa, sprinkles, and colored and confectioner's sugar.

The Holiday Cupcake Stencils come in a set of four designs: a candy cane, a snowflake, a holly sprig, and a snowman. They can easily be used to decorate far more than cupcakes, too: cappuccino, cookies, and more are all fair game. Bases just have to be something that your various sprinkles will stick to. Each stencil is approximately two and three-fourths inches across. The stencils are made from high-density plastic and are hand wash only. The set is priced at $4.95. I'm hoping that Crate & Barrel will come out with some cupcake stencils for the rest of the year.