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Cutting boards made for tall cooks

If hunching over a cutting board is giving you back problems, AWP Butcher Block offers cutting board for tall cooks.

The Tall Cutting Board
AWP Butcher Block

Most counter tops and cabinets are designed with average height in mind. If you're taller, though, you can find yourself hunched over as you try to chop vegetables and handle other kitchen tasks--not a comfortable position, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. AWP Butcher Block offers an entire line of cutting boards made with taller cooks in mind. The company's solid cutting boards start out by adding an additional inch to 3 inches to your cutting surface. If that's not enough, the company can add legs of any height to a cutting board, offering customized options for any height. Legged cutting boards start at 4 inches tall and are available up to 10 inches tall. AWP even offers a 13-inch counter riser for those who need it.

If your counters are a little too tall for comfort, AWP Butcher Block also offers custom kitchen carts and islands at just the right height, as well as for small spaces within your kitchen. Most of AWP Butcher Block's cutting boards are made from hard maple, but the company does offer other woods if you'd prefer them. Prices start at $116--all the company needs is the height you'd prefer for your chopping surface.