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Cut corners by not cutting them at all

The Rosle Multi Chopper makes quick work of chopping vegetables. The kitchen gadget also features a convenient attachment for drying herbs.

The herb drying basket is a convenient way to quickly wash and dry small amounts of herbs.
The herb-drying basket is a convenient way to quickly wash and dry small amounts of herbs.

Learning to cook is a process. The journey that we take in the kitchen is filled with rewarding experiences: from the time we first learn how to not burn toast, to when we first complete an entire meal. (That would be the one served with a vegetable--and no, a tomato on a fried hamburger doesn't count.) Eventually, no matter how far we progress, there is always a new tip or trick to learn. And then sometimes, it's just a matter of doing things quickly.

The Rosle Multi Chopper is a convenient kitchen gadget that streamlines food preparation. Well-suited for many recipes, the familiar design of the device offers intuitive use: just drop your ingredients in the work bowl and pull the cord. Where this particular chopper excels, however, is with the inclusion of some handy attachments.

Though the stainless-steel blades proceed with an effective seven rotations per pull of the cord, the real benefit of this chopper is in its ability to dry herbs and emulsify sauces and dressings. In addition to the aforementioned blades, an herb basket (similar to a salad spinner) and a mixer insert give this prep tool its appeal. Knife work will always be the most important thing to learn in the kitchen, but sometimes the most important lesson to learn is how to just get the prep work done quickly.