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Curl your own carrot ribbons

A ribbon of carrot can make for a great garnish, but it's tough to make without a tool like the Carrot Curler.

The Carrot Curler
Bed Bath and Beyond

More than a few restaurants seem to have some kind of artistic genius working on salads: plates come out with artfully arranged vegetables, decorated with curls of carrots and other items that could be garnish, or could be part of the salad, or could even be both. Apparently there not just an art to making those ribbons of carrots. There's also a special tool involved. The Carrot Curler enables you to make ribbons of carrot yourself. Slide a carrot into the tool and turn sideways--the Carrot Curler uses a small blade to separate ribbons from the carrot sticks, adding a curl that a standard peeler just can't offer.

The Carrot Curler is primarily plastic, with a stainless steel blade. The bright orange handle not only matches your carrots, but it will also guarantee that you'll never lose it in the back of a drawer. It's a surprisingly simple tool, given how elegant of a garnish it produces. The tool could be used with other vegetables or fruits, as long as they can be cut to fit inside it, although a more solid option--like a cucumber--will do much better than a softer piece of produce. The Carrot Curler is available from Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.