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Crave TV: Does Asimo dream of electric sheep?

Join us as we meet Honda's Asimo robot in Las Vegas. We asked his keeper about the future of androids, and whether Asimo dreams...

Crave TV caught up with Honda's Asimo robot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and interviewed his keeper, Geoffrey Smith. Asimo is a fully mobile, human-like robot. Asimo has met royalty, walked the red carpet at a Hollywood premier and been inducted into the robot hall of fame.

Asimo's engineers don't simply face a technical challenge in bringing this robot to life, but also a social one. Smith explains how Honda has consciously made design decisions that keep Asimo divided from humans so as to remain non-threatening. Crave also asks, "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" -CS

Note: For more on Asimo, see our photo story from CES.