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Crave interviews Diggnation's Alex Albrecht

Crave sits down with Alex Albrecht of Revision3's Diggnation to discuss the future of on-demand video, mobile media and a whole heap more. Come listen to the most important 30 minutes of today

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht to discuss Diggnation, Revision3 and on-demand media. For those of you who don't know, Diggnation is a weekly Web TV show featuring Alex Albrecht and Digg founder Kevin Rose. As well as drinking a fine selection of beers each week, they discuss the various interesting news stories featured on

I was curious to know how stories are selected for inclusion in the show and what Alex thought about the top five stories of the last year all being about either Digg or Apple. Are Digg users just mindless obsessives or an obsessive mass of furiously fanatical tech fans? Being an avid Digg user, I had to know the answer.

We chatted for the best part of half an hour and covered many topics, including the future of on-demand media and what part mobile technology will play in the OD future. I was also curious to know if there was going to be a Revision4.

We also talked about how to get a show on Revision3, whether small podcasters will be crushed out of the market by the big boys, and whether Digg competes with shows such as Geek Brief. There was also some nerdy stuff about the bandwidth Diggnation chews through and what the best way is to manage such a huge demand for HD content.

If you're a Digg, Diggnation or Revision3 fan, you'll want to give this 30-minute journey into the guts of one of the most popular tech shows on the Web your full attention.

To download the interview, click here. -Nate Lanxon