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Countertop roaster suffers identity crisis

The Nesco Convection Roaster is capable of many different cooking tasks.

Waffles, but not the kind you eat. Chef's Catalog

Some appliances just can't make up their mind. This ingrained multitasking ability is good news for kitchens everywhere. Combination appliances often look funny (or do disparate tasks), but sometimes they just do several things at once without making a big fuss about it. Call it an oven, a steamer, a roaster, or a slow cooker, some appliances simply benefit from this exact lack of identity.

The Nesco Convection Roaster offers versatility that complements your traditional oven. With a temperature range from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the appliance has the capability to perform a variety of tasks. Additionally, the appliance uses proprietary technology to circulate heat like a convection oven, providing quick cooking times for a variety of meals.

The 12-quart capacity cooker comes complete with a high dome hinged cover, providing ample room for exploring culinary possibilities with just this one appliance. A simple turn of the dial allows you to choose temperature settings allowing for slow cooking, cooking, roasting, baking, or steaming. With a footprint of 19.5 inches by 13.5 inches, the 11.25 inch tall machine packs a lot of versatility into a countertop appliance. From soups and stews, to slow cooked ribs, roasted poultry, steamed vegetables, and even baked breads, this strong-minded contraption does practically everything but waffles.