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Countertop oven adds rotisserie and more

The Wolfgang Puck 23L Digital Convection Oven with Rotisserie is perfect for a variety of cooking applications.

Don't call it a toaster. HSN

Having a handy second oven is a convenience like no other. It doesn't have to be big like an oven-oven, just big enough to accommodate side dishes or small meals. If that small second oven contains a rotisserie, then it's all the better.

The Wolfgang Puck 23L Digital Convection Oven with Rotisserie replaces your toaster oven and adds more features. Measuring 18.75 wide inches by 15.25 inches deep by 10.25 inches tall, the oven doesn't take up much room, and provides more than just toast.

An included rotisserie spit with forks (along with the included rotisserie removal tool) means this second oven is capable of doing more than simple support duty. The electronic controls and blue backlit LCD screen allow for easy navigation of seven other preprogrammed modes, including: Defrost, Keep Warm, Standard Bake, Convection Bake, Slow Cook, Roast, and Broil.

The attractive modern design also includes an interior light (I bet your toaster oven can't do that), and a convenient two-shelf system. Capable of temperatures up to 450 degrees, the oven is good for a variety of tasks. A broil pan with insert and a pizza rack are among the included accessories, but I'm sure if you just want toast, the oven will easily be able to accommodate that as well.