Control your refrigerator perfectly

Liebherr's new line of fully integrated refrigerators, including the HRB 1110, offer precise controls as well as Leibherr's patented Biofresh system.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The HRB 1110 Liebherr

With its new line of fully integrated refrigerators, Liebherr is offering state of the art appliances: among other innovations available in the HRB 1110 and other refrigerators in the line is Leibherr's patented climate system. The Biofresh system controls temperature and humidity, helping food to remain fresh up to three times longer than normal refrigerators.

According to Leibherr, it has also worked hard to make sure that its integrated refrigerator line scores high Energy Star ratings and, in fact, the company's entire refrigeration product line exceeds the new guidelines for Energy Star. Leibherr is also the refrigeration manufacturer to bring its products into full RoHS compliance worldwide. The RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) guidelines guarantee that Leibherr uses materials with minimal environmental impact, as well as reducing the hazardous materials that might wind up in your home.

Integrated refrigerators from Leibherr, such as the HRB 1110, have a capacity of 7.1 cubic feet. The accompanying NoFrost Freezer has an additional 2.1 cubic feet of capacity. They are meant to be built into a kitchen wall but do have a variety of attractive doors available.