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Conquer kitchen fear with the strength of a grill

The George Foreman GRP4EP Evolve Grill makes it easy for everyone to enjoy cooking. Featuring an assortment of available cooking plates, the versatile grill is capable of cooking everything from waffles to burgers.

Knock out the fear.
Knock out the fear.
George Foreman

Not everybody enjoys cooking. I know, I know. It seems like a crazy thing to believe, impossible even; yet strange as it may sound, it happens to be true. For those who find the kitchen akin to a torture chamber, they look upon kitchen gadgets and appliances as something clearly designed to cause pain, while the rest of us see only possibilities of meals to be. While no appliance can eliminate the waves of terror that some may feel when faced with an approaching mealtime and no cash on hand for delivery, perhaps having one customizable multitasker can help make cooking seem a little bit easier.

The George Foreman GRP4EP Evolve Grill helps to let users take complete control over the domain that is the kitchen. Featuring interchangeable cooking plates, the indoor grill makes it easy to create a variety of meals. The countertop appliance converts from a grill to a griddle via the inserts, but that is just the start. Also available are cooking plates for waffles, omelets, burgers and muffins. There is even a deep-dish bake pan insert for creating baked goods right on the countertop. When finished, cooking enthusiast or not, everyone will enjoy the ease of cleanup--the removable plates are all dishwasher-safe.