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Compost in the kitchen

An attractive compost crock that lets you protect the environment and your sensitivities.

Worm food never looked so good. Real Goods

The idea of composting appeals to many of us. But what if you live in an apartment with a small balcony? Or what if you just aren't going to get out to the compost pile in the back yard after every meal?

Sure, you could just get a big bucket for scraps and keep it under your sink, but it might start to smell pretty quickly. And if you're like me--meaning, you have small children, but you refuse to childproof your cabinets--well, the places my imagination goes aren't pretty. Visions of children eating worm food just don't sit well with me.

Consider this stainless steel kitchen compost crock. It's attractive enough to sit on your countertop, and it has some pretty cool practical features, too: a 1-gallon interior holds about a week's worth of scraps, the activated-carbon-filter lid traps odors and lets air circulate, and the removable handle makes the bin easy to carry.

The filter lasts about six months and can be replaced. So now what's your excuse?