Comet sale 'starting soon' as administrators ban gift cards

Comet is promising a sale "starting soon" to shift its remaining stock at bargain prices, as the troubled shop refuses gift cards.

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Update 9 November: Comet's sale is now open, but only in stores, not online. Gift cards are now being accepted. Original story follows.

Comet is promising a sale "starting soon" to shift its remaining stock at bargain prices, as the troubled gadget shop spirals into administration.

Gift cards are no longer accepted at stores, but there could be some bargains to be snapped up in the run-up to Christmas. Unfortunately that'll be small comfort to the 6,500 employees threatened with the chop.

The Comet website was closed last week, but is now back online -- and the online store has been replaced with a brief legal statement confirming the chain is heading into administration, alongside a list of frequently asked questions about your position as a Comet customer.

The first question relates to gift cards. Administrators are "considering the position in relation to gift cards and gift vouchers, and at this stage they cannot be used to pay for items. The Administrators are reviewing this position urgently."

Meanwhile, if you've already paid for an item and Comet has it in stock, it will be delivered and installed as promised. Extended warranties on your recently purchased goods are not affected by the administration, because they're provided by a third party, as are credit agreements if you've bought an item on the never-never.

Should your item be delivered and it's faulty, Comet won't give you your money back. The chain directs you to contact the manufacturer if you're having problems with recently purchased items. 

If you've bought something and it's not in stock yet, you won't get it, as Comet is not buying in any more stock. No more orders are being taken for delivery or installation. If you've dropped off a laptop or other gadget to be repaired, it will still be repaired -- I'd go and collect it sharpish though, just to be on the safe side.

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