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Cold-brew coffee contraption for sensitive stomachs

The Hourglass Coffee Brewer cold brew coffee system reduces the amount of acid in your morning cup.

There's always time for coffee.

I am always onboard when it comes to a different way to brew coffee. If whatever method I choose lets me make a pot without plugging into the wall, all the better; pre-coffee mornings can be rather hazardous in my household. The Hourglass Coffee Brewer is a cold-brew coffee system that allows for the main benefit of reduced acid content in your joe. For those this may not matter to, well, it's also just kind of neat.

The idea is to set up your morning coffee the night before (something that always appeals to me and my morning motor functions). Add ground coffee and cold water to the filter basket and attach to the hourglass. The coffee basically steeps overnight. In the morning, flip the hourglass over and the resulting brew is an extract that you add to hot water.

While coffee extract does not a cup of coffee make, for those who suffer from sensitive stomachs, this may be an answer. Certainly the concept is sound: coffee grounds slowly steeped in water overnight do deliver a morning brew. Considering that everything runs better on coffee, this seems like a good idea for not only those who may need it, but those who need a little help in the morning.