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CNET UK staff shamed in Greatest Gadget leaderboard fail

What chance could you possibly have had of beating our tech experts' predictions in the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament? A smashing chance, it appears.

Here at CNET UK, we've gathered together some of the finest technological minds of our generation. Some have even described us as the A-Team of technology. What hope, then, could you possibly have of making more accurate predictions than us in the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament?

Well, judging by our leaderboard, it seems you're actually in with a smashing chance. With two rounds of voting now complete, an entirely correct set of predictions could have bagged you up to 35 points so far in the race to win an Xbox 360 with Kinect. But the best we've been able to score is 22, while clairvoyant reader Svenena has humiliated us with the current high score of 32.

The portrait taking pride of place in the CNET UK hall of shame is that of reviews machine Luke Westaway. His dogged belief that Robosapien would win the tournament, with 100 per cent of the final vote, is illustrative of a series of poor decisions that have left him with a pitiful score of 16, and scant hope of earning many more points in the future.

News pundit Rich Trenholm and TV guru Ian Morris have fared better -- but not by much. Both backing the iPhone to win the title in a final against the Xbox 360, they've achieved 20 points apiece.

With a thoroughly mediocre tally of 22 points each, editor Jason Jenkins, grammar king Nick Hide and phone connoisseur Flora Graham lead the CNET UK pack. Jason's pinning his hopes on the Xbox 360, which is currently neck and neck with the Nintendo Wii in the quarter final. Nick and Flora are both backing the iPhone.

Car fancier Rory Reid would undoubtedly be sitting at the top of the leaderboard were it not for the fact that he was too busy looking for his USB key to vote. Comma corrector and author of this very story Charles Kloet suffered an acute attack of incompetence at an early stage in the competition and, consequently, completely failed to make any predictions.

Are you beating our scores? If so, have a well-justified gloat about it in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. Don't get too cocky, mind -- there are still three rounds of voting to go.