CNET UK gets new look, doesn't turn evil

Our header may have turned black as night, and we may have been testing a mirror-universe version of the site, but there's nothing evil about the improvements to CNET UK.

Richard Trenholm Former Movie and TV Senior Editor
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Richard Trenholm
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New president. New Doctor Who. And 2009 has now seen the launch of a new-look CNET UK, more in line with the CNET brand around the world. In the lead-up to the nip/tuck, we tested the changes on a mirror version of the live site, which involved crossing into a parallel bizarro universe where we all sport evil goatees.

First it was the homepage. Then Crave got a slick new facelift, and it was high time the rest of the site followed suit. Our colonial cousin across the pond at CNET.com has been sporting a rather fetching new black header, and as you can see we've jumped on board with this message of change, hope and less yellow.

The CNET code monkeys have been toiling away in the basement of CNET Towers to build and test the new-look site. In the last couple of weeks your intrepid Cravers were unleashed on the lovingly crafted test site, to poke and pull at it like safari-park monkeys on a brand-new motor.

The test site has now been switched over with the live site, like Indiana Jones flipping that idol... minus the poison darts and stuff. Frankly, should you get run over by a giant boulder while exploring the site, we're taking no responsibility. If you do spot any problems, let us know so we can cut off the code monkeys' Monster Munch rations, and if you're impressed, why not throw them a congratulatory virtual peanut in our CNET UK forum.

Check out too the history of CNET through the ages, in which Nate casts an eye back through the mists of time to -- gasp! -- the early 21st century. But enough about the past: for the gadgets of the future, keep it CNET UK.