CNET Exclusive: GOgroove FlexSmart X2 for 38 percent off with free shipping

This week, CNET partnership manager Liza Maloy hunts down a 38 percent discount on the GOgroove FlexSmart X2 Advanced Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with charging, music control, and hands-free Calling.

Liza Maloy Product Manager
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Liza Maloy isn't a CNET editor, but she has a pretty fun job: she's the CNET Marketplace associate partnership manager, which means she hunts high and low for tech bargains to bring to the CNET audience. Each week, she blogs about deep discounts she brokers. Whenever she can, she gets discounts on products CNET editors love.

This week we have teamed up again with our friends at Accessory Genie to bring the CNET Exclusives members an awesome deal on some sweet car tech. The GOgroove FlexSmart X2 allows for hands-free calling, wireless music playing, and device charging. This nifty little gadget plugs into your car's DC connector and serves as a controller for calls and music. Simply pair the FlexSmart X2 with your Bluetooth-enabled device, set your radio and the FlexSmart X2 to the same FM radio station, and you are ready to make calls and listen to music.

I recently put the FlexSmart X2 to the test on a 300-mile road trip across four state lines. Once I paired my iPhone and found some empty airwaves to set the device to, I was ready to roll. I was very impressed with the sound quality and ease of use. The device allows you to pause, play, and change between songs without touching your phone. This certainly seemed like a safer option to me. It was also easy to make calls and the sound quality was good. When my phone started to run out of battery, I simply plugged in the charger to the DC port on the side of the device.

GOGroove FlexSmart X2
GOGroove FlexSmart X2 Liza Maloy/Accessory Genie
My only complaint -- as with pretty much any FM transmitter device -- was that because I went through so many states, a couple of times on my trip the music became static and I had to change the channel. The FlexSmart X2's dial makes resetting a station simple, and I was back listening to Call Me Maybe in no time.

Bottom line: you could be using your FM radio to do more than just listen to the radio. Don't miss the chance to get the GOgroove FlexSmart X2 for 38 percent off with free shipping. Grab today's CNET Exclusive while supplies last! Not a member of CNET Exclusives? Join today and be the first to know about next week's Exclusive Back to School deals.

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