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CNET.co.uk is two years old: Here's your highlights

Come and celebrate our second birthday with a run-down of the most popular reviews, features and Crave stories since we launched. Cheers!

Nick Hide Managing copy editor
Nick manages CNET's advice copy desk from Springfield, Virginia. He's worked at CNET since 2005.
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Nick Hide
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Amazingly, it's been two whole years since CNET.co.uk launched -- how the time flies, eh, readers? -- so we thought we'd have a nice party with some cake and all the trimmings. The trimmings being exciting lists of your favourite stories.

Much has changed on the site in that time -- we've launched a Downloads section, to help you find the best free programs around. We've created an archive of all our lovely videos, so you can see how all these brilliant products work. We've been to Las Vegas, Hannover, Cannes and many other European tech hotspots in pursuit of gadgety goodness. And like any two-year-old, we've doubled in size since birth: the team has grown from just five people at launch to a bouncy ten now -- we had to move offices to fit them all in.

In that time we've produced an ear-shattering 33 episodes of the stonking Crave Podcast, and three episodes of the mind-bendingest tech show on the Web, Space Bubble. We've published a staggering 1,191 reviews and written Crave stories till they're coming out of our ears -- 1,717 of them.

And to celebrate all that, we thought we'd show you what have been the most popular stories on the site -- ever.

Our most popular reviews ever:
1. Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000, possibly the best LCD TV ever.
2. Sony Ericsson K800i, a 3G phone with serious pizzazz.
3. Samsung E900, a beautiful touch-sensitive phone.
4. Samsung LE32R74BD, one of the best-value TVs in history.
5. Sharp Aquos LC42XD1E, a fantastic 1080p LCD.

Our top-ranking features on Digital Living:
1. Apple Newton vs Samsung Q1 UMPC, an ultraportable fight to the death.
2. Mac OS X vs Windows Vista, duking it out Shakespeare-style to win the hand of a bloke in a dress.
3. Become a camcorder pro -- go from stupid to Spielberg in ten easy steps.
4. Build the ultimate quiet PC -- fed up with your noisy desktop? Here's how to shhh it.
5. Monitor your home with a Wi-Fi Webcam. We don't know why this is so popular. Perverts, probably.

And the one you've all been waiting for, the most-viewed Crave stories:
1. Top ten girl geeks, where a few people took objection to Paris Hilton.
2. Camera combat: Nokia 6300 vs Sony Ericsson K810i vs Nokia N95 vs Canon IXUS 70 vs Canon 400D, where a few people thought we were saying camera phones were as good as dSLRs.
3. Crave TV: 20-inch Laptop on the London Underground, where we frightened commuters with the size of our PC.
4. Motorola Z8: Clever, bendy slider phone, where we showed you a funny-looking mobile. Maybe you liked it because it's not the Razr again.
5. Asus W5Fe: Welcome to the dual-screen Vista laptop era, where we showed off a prototype using the OS's cool-but-not-that-useful-really SideShow feature.

Thanks for the memories, it's been emotional. Here's to more tech stroking, gadget licking and fanboy baiting in the years to come. -Nick Hide