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CNET Apple news: $400 iBook and Rivalry between Intel and Apple

Recent Apple-related news from other areas of CNET, regarding cheap iBook offerings from and potential rivalry brewing between Apple and Intel.

In recent CNET news, Editor Rick Broida has a column on how to get into the OS X experience relatively cheaply, with $400 iBooks from Additionally, Editor Brook Crothers discusses how Apple is using technology that may compete with the offerings of Intel, which could lead to a rivalry of sorts. Apple and Intel have worked well together in recent years, but sooner or later their paths are bound to conflict.

Get an Apple iBook for $399.99

Granted these are older hardware, and unless you are interested in portability a refurbished Mac Mini might be a better suited alternative; however, the iBooks should work for people looking for a hobby. Rick Brodia is constantly looking for cheap hardware and having a portable Mac that will run Leopard for under $400 from a retailer is pretty cheap. Check out Rick's article here.

Intel and Apple--future rivals?

Apple has recently hinted they are looking to develop their own custom semiconductors for use in thier devices--namely the iPhone and iPod touch devices. Additionally, there are options from other companies such as the ARM chips which may keep Apple from adopting Intel's low-power "Atom" option. As Apple gains marketshare with portable devices, will this lead to a conflict between them and Intel? Check out Brook's article here.

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