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Clean up, charge up with TowlHub

The TowlHub paper towel holder includes USB ports and comes with optional speakers. The kitchen accessory can charge up to four devices at once.

The TowlHub Paper Towel Holder does much more than hold paper towels. Much, much more.
The TowlHub Paper Towel Holder does much more than hold paper towels. Much, much more. SkyMall

It's easy to take the lowly kitchen paper towel for granted. All we have to do is reach out, tear off a sheet and let the little marvel do what it does best (assuming we remembered to stock up during the last trip to the store). It can clean, cover, soak, store, hide, serve and that's just the beginning. So isn't the paper towel deserving of a kitchen accessory more fitting of its capabilities? SkyMall says yes.

The TowlHub with 4 USB Ports ($49.99; SkyMall) is as versatile as the kitchen helper it is designed to hold. The paper towel holder not only includes multiple USB ports, but it is also available with two integrated Bluetooth speakers and a microphone for thirty dollars more. Yes, your new paper towel holder can be used as a speaker phone.

If all that isn't enough, and you are still looking for more out of a paper towel holder, the whole thing is topped off with an interchangeable wine bottle stopper. So not only can the paper towel design be changed as easily as picking up a new package at the grocery store, but the look of the holder itself can be changed according to the mood. This could be a very good mood indeed, as not only will your tablet not run out of juice in the middle of a cooking video, but there will be a paper towel nearby to clean up any spills.

Via Coolest Gadgets.