Clean Bottle: Easiest to clean water bottle

Eliminate stinky and smelly reusable water bottles with the innovative approach Clean Bottle uses to make sure there's nothing in your drink that shouldn't be there.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Clean Bottle
The Clean Bottle The Clean Bottle

Cleaning a water bottle is not an easy process, especially if you've been drinking something other than water from it. Even scrubbing the bottom of the bottle seems entirely impossible.

A bottle may look clean, but if you use it long enough, you can never get it to smell clean again--powdered mixes are particularly nasty culprits. The Clean Bottle takes a different approach than encouraging us to try to scrub out a bottle through one small opening. Instead, the Clean Bottle has a screw-off bottom so that you can access to the entire bottle when cleaning it. The bottom screws back on and is leak-proof.

The Clean Bottle is made with 100 percent nontoxic, BPA-free plastics so that you're not only avoiding smelly bottles but also problematic chemicals. The-22 ounce bottle fits in most bikes' water bottle holders as it  was designed with bicyclists in mind. The Clean Bottle is priced at $9.95. The makers of Clean Bottle donate 10 percent of all profits to environmental and cycling-friendly charities, which is voted on by buyers.