Choose your own chocolate bar

With the Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan, you can bake up a batch of brownies imprinted with the word 'chocolate.'

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan Williams-Sonoma

There's just something about a chocolate bar--about a big piece of chocolate divided into bite-size pieces, ready to break off and pop in your mouth. Williams-Sonoma has a new brownie pan available that takes advantage of the iconic look of a chocolate bar. You can mix up a batch of your favorite brownies, pour the batter into the Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan and bake: the result is a dozen 'chocolate bars.' You can divide up your brownies--the division the pan lays out is a fair portion--and see the word 'chocolate' embossed on your brownies. Just seeing a batch of brownies labeled as such can make them seem that much more chocolatey than they usually are.

The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan can bake up more than brownies, off course. It's a heavy-duty cast aluminum pan with a nonstick finish so that even a sticky flourless chocolate cake will come out with ease. The aluminum distributes heat evenly, cooking brownies or a cake smoothly. The pan is 13.5 inches by 6.75 inches by 1.25 inches, reasonable for many cake recipes--although some less dense cakes won't have as clear an impression. The pan is priced at $29.95.