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Chillsner chills beer bottles from the inside out

The Chillsner from Corkcicle is a beer chiller that inserts into the bottle. Filled with a thermal gel, the beer accessory makes forgetting that bottle of beer in the freezer a thing of the past.

Keep the Chillsner in the freezer -- not the bottle of beer.
Keep the Chillsner in the freezer -- not the bottle of beer.

There is a lot of good stuff that can be found in the freezer: ice cream, frozen pizza, ice. Beer, however, is not one of these items. Now, of course, there is nothing stopping anybody from placing a warm beer in the chiller to cool it down quickly and easily; nothing, that is, except for bad memories. Sooner or later, a bottle of beer put into the freezer gets forgotten about. The resulting beer explosion not only results in a ruined beer, but also in beer-coated ice cream, pizza, and ice. While beer flavored ice cream may not necessarily be a bad thing, there is another option.

The Chillsner is a beer-chilling contrivance from Corkcicle. The aluminum rod is filled with the same thermal gel as the wine chiller that is Corkcicle's namesake. Store it in the freezer and when it's frozen, pop the top off of a bottle of beer, and insert the Chillsner. The beer will stay cold, delicious, and, most importantly, the freezer will remain explosion free.

Astute beer drinkers may have noticed a puzzling concern, that being how the beer is supposed to be consumed while it is chilling. Ah, but therein lies the majesty of beer innovation. Where there is a beer, there is a way, after all. The Chillsner features a "drink-thru spout" that enables the drinker to imbibe while the beer remains in contact with the chill rod. Remember: the Chillsner is designed to be kept in the bottle while drinking, so try not to forget to take it out.

The Chillsner from Corkcicle will be available in April.