CES 2020 gaming predictions: Virtual reality, haptics and more hardware we expect

Gaming PCs will get faster, smaller and smarter.

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Last year at CES, Razer unveiled the Razer Blade 15 Advanced laptop.

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CES 2020 is going to be packed with new tech ready to advance the gaming world. While we won't know many of the details until the week of the show, it looks like there will be plenty happening in the gaming industry, including new PC components, accessories and ways to make video games more immersive with augmented reality, virtual reality and haptic technology. 

Here's some of what we expect to see at CES 2020. 

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What should we be on the lookout for from major companies?

We could see announcements from Intel , AMD and Nvidia , which could come with new CPUs or GPUs. Last year, Nvidia's 2080 graphics card series for laptops garnered a lot of attention at the show. New gaming PCs could be on the horizon from Alienware, Dell's in-house gaming brand, HP , Asus and others. Last year, for example, Alienware released the 17-inch m17 gaming laptop alongside an updated m15. Razer also typically has some gaming surprises -- last year, it unveiled the Razer Blade 15 Advanced laptop, and a new concept design for a high-end gaming display. 

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New gaming components for PC and console

Iogear could have some new gamer accessories for PCs, particularly keyboards, mice, headsets, emulators and more. Looking around the show floor map, we see Shenzen companies such as GCHT Gaming, which specializes in game controllers, and Gamtec Technology Development, Mijoy and Riitek, which offer products like gaming accessories for PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch and Android. 

Virtual reality and immersive gaming through haptics


Cybershoes that immerse you more in your game will be on display at CES 2020. 


At CES 2020, we can expect to see technology that further immerses players in video games -- like Cybershoes that let you "walk and run" in a virtual reality game. You'll be able to feel the game around you with BHaptic's wireless full-body haptic suit -- Tactsuit -- which is comprised of a haptic HMDS, a vest and sleeves for the hands, arms and feet. You'll be able to feel samurai slashes, gunshots, zombie bites and hugs in VR content in the Oculus store and on Steam, according to BHaptics. The gear looks like a cross between the suits found in Pacific Rim and Ready Player One

While on the topic of haptics, if a suit isn't your style, Arcadeo has a haptic gaming chair that you can control with a mobile app. GT Throne is also bringing a sleek, interactive gaming chair that vibrates to audio.

Immersion Corporation also has haptics tech to show off, and is looking to "revolutionize human-machine interface in a digital world." Some of Immersion's features for mobile gaming focus on AR and VR, in terms of making games more tactile, using filters and more. 

It should be noted, however, that many products on display at CES never actually come to market, so don't get too excited just yet. 

Expanding the senses

In addition to vibrations and VR, sound plays a big part in making a game more immersive. Flexound is going to show off its Augmented Audio tech, which adds the sensation of touch to audio-visual listening experiences like music, games, television, movies and more. While it seems like Augmented Audio is focused on moviegoers, we could see it migrate into gaming chairs in the future. 

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